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Syllabus for Bank Exams 2014 : Common Syllabus for All Bank Exams

Syllabus for Bank Exams 2014

A common written exam is conducted through IBPS for clerical recruitment in public banks. The syllabus is similar to other bank exams. However, this common test emphasizes on general awareness with equal weighting as the other subjects. The selection criteria itself tell us that the candidate should be good in all subjects, not in any particular one.

Syllabus for Bank Exams 2014

This article is for those who wants to get the details of what to expect during the exam?

Syllabus for Bank Exams 2014 & Major Topics: –

  1. 1.      Mental ability and reasoning: – The questions under this category are based upon alphabetical series, numerical series, coding-decoding, direction sense, arithmetical reasoning, age calculation, analogy, blood relations, and decision making.
  2. 2.      English grammar and comprehension: – This test is conducted to test your language capabilities. Other questions asked in this series are sentence rearrangement, modals and articles, subject verb agreement, tenses, error correction, comprehension passage, and vocabulary.
  3. 3.      General awareness: – General awareness means, what is happening around you? In order to clear these questions one should be well versed in current affairs, economic news, five year plans and budgets, sports, political news, authors, award and honors, discoveries, important days and much more.
  4. 4.      Numerical ability: – Do you love crunching with a numerical question? If yes, then you can solve these questions easily based on Number system, HCF, LCM, Simplification, Decimal fractions, Time and Distance, Unitary method, Profit and Loss, and Simple and compound interest.
  5. 5.      Computer awareness: – Today is the age of computers and all the banks and industries prefer employees who have computer knowledge. In this exam the computer awareness questions are based on basic DOS commands, MS Word, Window, Internet, Evolution of a computer etc.

The candidate should make sure that he/she clears out all the sections. To do so, you will have to devote time on each section. While preparing for the exam the candidate must concentrate on each topic and do it thoroughly. Prepare the most important questions first  and then do another. Maintain an equilibrium between the preparation. If you follow these steps, then no one can stop you from cracking the bank exams. 

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